Nadine C. Licostie

Nadine's range of experience in the entertainment industry spans 15 years and a variety of disciplines. With a strong interest in theatre, film, television and new media, she has provided creative services to companies in the broadcasting, cable, financial, technology and advertising fields.

As an Executive Producer, Nadine has led teams of writers, graphic designers, editors and multimedia programmers creating award winning national television commercials, promotion, interactive media, and corporate events. Projects for Discovery Online, The Travel Channel, ABC, and Discovery Channel have won The Telly Award, The International Monitor Award and the PROMAX Gold Award.

Through the years, Nadine has produced projects with top talent in the television, film and theatre industries including Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Kim Catrall, Jane Curtin, Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Jim Dale, Donna Murphy, David Copperfield, Gloria Gaynor, and The Blue Man Group.

Her client list includes CBS, ABC, Court TV, Discovery Channel, HGTV, American Express, and Lucent Technologies.

Nadine began her career in the arts while achieving a B.F.A at New York Institute of Technology and pursuing work as a stage manager at independent theatre companies in the New York City theatrical community. Her relationships include the Roundabout Theatre Company, The Writers' Theatre, and Queens College Theatre at Colden Center.

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