Kelley J. Brower

Raised in the Southwest by a pack of mad Baptists, Kelley   J. Brower began entertaining friends & family at an early age by  slamming fake hands in the refrigerator, and thus evolved into the sophisticated comedy writer that she is today. Her natural flare for bossing  around children who were weaker than herself led her  to directing.

Kelley made her television writing debut when Roseanne Barr/Arnold/Whatever hired her for the sketch comedy bonanza Saturday Night Special.  " You're stuff's really funny," Roseanne said to her upon their first meeting, before promptly dismissing her for someone more important. (coffee guy)

As other important writing jobs poured in by the ONE, (launch promos for That 70's Show, ) Kelley barely had time to publish a 2700 word essay in Cosmopolitan magazine, direct several short plays, sketch comedy groups and teach an assortment of on camera acting, sit com, and commercials classes.

Her first short film Seal Tricks was well received in film festivals in both LA and New York, she's directed lots of corporate videos, and twoTV pilots all said and done while making a living as a First Assistant Director in lots of low budget stuff.

Scribbling away on draft one of her first screenplay, Kelley is slated to direct her feature  next summer with Redthread productions.

When asked why she is so driven to write and direct her own projects, Kelley promptly responds; "Because of films like BOOTY CALL."

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