Peter Mariuzza - Director of Photography

Peter Mariuzza has worked in the film and video industry for 17 years, 12 as a director of photography. Peter's various shooting styles and his ability to adapt to any lighting situation have allowed him to create a diverse body of work, including commercials, short films, television series, documentaries, educationals and industrials. He has worked with such clients as IBM, Pfizer, Pitney Bowes, The U.S. Army, Heineken, The New York Knicks and CBS. The short film he shot in 2004, The Mirror, has been embraced by film festivals nationwide. He also shot the documentary series Repo Man: Stealing for a Living for cable network TLC, as well as a reality show titled Odd Jobs, which is currently with a distributor. Peter's documentary film work includes the award-winning program Over The Edge, which focuses on violence in schools, and Far A Field, which chronicles the political turmoil surrounding the preparations for a music festival in the small vacation town of Riverhead, New York. He is currently working on a short film titled Joseph Henry, as well as various commercials and industrials.

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